Ready to learn more about how Dr. Lunday has helped patients in Buckhead? Take a look at a few patient testimonials below…

  • A friend recommended Dr. Jordan Lunday and I went to see her. Dr. Lunday treated my neck and back with chiropractic adjustments and I felt immediate improvement. She also demonstrated exercises for me to do to help improve posture and strength. In addition, she contacted my personal trainer and worked with him to integrate exercises that would continue to help protect and strengthen my neck. Dr. Lunday even emailed me a video that demonstrated the proper form for exercises I could do at home. –Marie, 55

  • I had been dealing with shoulder and back issues for the past 4 years. I tried various forms of physical therapy and chiropractic work in the past, all failing to relieve my symptoms. I met with Dr. Jordan Lunday after being referred by a friend. Dr. Lunday was extremely easy to work with, and quickly diagnosed my problem. –Ryan, 29

  • My back pain started when I was in my twenties with back spasms that usually followed strenuous activity. By my late forties I was in chronic pain and very depressed. I tried muscle relaxers, pain medications and lumbar injections. If I tried to get off the medications the pain, it seemed, came back with a vengeance. I know now that I was just treating the symptoms and not the cause.

    Desperate to avoid surgery I decided to try chiropractic again. Yes, I had gone to see two chiropractors over the years and experienced "some" relief. Remembering that, I made an appointment to see Dr. Jordan. I was immediately struck by her confidence and determination to help me, so I faithfully followed her regimen of adjustments and physical therapy.

    Today, I am celebrating over a year pain free. I can sit at a keyboard for hours, ride in a car, do house work, garden, go for long walks over any kind of terrain - I feel better today at age fifty-three than I've felt in decade. Really. Thank you so much, Dr. Jordan. Life without back pain is fabulous!!! –Jan, 53

  • I met Dr. Lunday at a clinic where doctors were treating patients like an assembly line. She impressed me by taking the time to speak with me, figure out why I was having pain and go the extra step to help alleviate my neck and hip pain with a more permanent treatment plan. Her goal is for a patient to be self sufficient and pain free. Her communication skills in explaining why and what she is doing, demonstrating helpful exercises or suggesting other means of treatment are above reproach. –Karen, 49

  • Dr. Lunday was the second chiropractor I visited to evaluate a low back problem; the first provided no lasting relief despite several visits and a “guarantee” to do otherwise. After one session with Dr. Lunday it became apparent to her that my problem could not be successfully addressed through chiropractic techniques. By thinking outside the box, and researching my problem she determined that I most likely had a surgical issue related to my hip.

    By directing me to an orthopedist that specializes in the corrective procedure I was able to obtain the MRI that confirmed what Dr. Lunday had suspected. It’s not often that you find a practitioner that takes a step back, taking the time to rethink the possibilities that are driving the complaint, and avoiding further unnecessary maneuvers that may be harmful. Her efforts are well appreciated. –Jeff, 45

  • I began treatments with Dr. Lunday due to complications from a car wreck I suffered in January of 2010. Almost two years later the symptoms - extreme pain due to trigger points in my scapula and upper traps - had yet to completely resolve, despite brief reprieves due to dry needling and physical therapy. Dr. Lunday suggested the pain was due to neck involvement - a new diagnosis - and after only two or three adjustments, in tandem with the home exercises she suggested, the pain was gone!
    I still see Dr. Lunday but only for infrequent, periodic adjustments - and because her personality just makes you feel better! Her ability to think outside the box has given me my functionality back. Not only is she skilled in her practice, but she also has an amazingly sweet demeanor. Dr. Lunday intentionally invests in her patients and seeks their best outcomes. Everyone would benefit from visiting her! –Jenna, 31

  • I have been dealing with chronic pain for years due to back and neck issues. I have had physical therapy, aqua therapy, other chiropractors, massage, an epidural and been on many different medications. Nothing has given me the relief that I have experienced working with Dr. Lunday. I have never had as thorough an examination and given the care and attention that she has given me. For the first time in years, I have been pain free. I have already recommended her to many of my friends and will continue to do so. –Dianne, 59

  • Dr. Lunday is incredible. I went to see her recently for an adjustment and told her about some back pain I’d been re-experiencing. I had been diagnosed a few years prior, but the pain had re-surfaced and the stretches and exercises my previous physical therapist had given me were causing excruciating pain.
    Dr. Lunday carefully took the time to fully re-examine me, allowing her to discern the exact problem I was having, even differentiating between joint and muscle pain. She gave me some new stretches, exercises and protocols and even informed me that some of the previous stretches I had been doing were even exacerbating the problem.
    Her level of knowledge and examination technique gave me complete confidence that I was on the right track to becoming pain free. Thanks Dr. Lunday! –Shannon, 30

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